Evgeny Yakovlev | Vladivostok (Russia)

Ausbildung / Education

  • Graduated from Far Eastern State Technical University in Vladivostok

Austellungen / Exhibitions

  • "Dialogue", Hamburg, Bürgerhaus Bornheide, Germany
  • "City and Man", Moscow, Central House of Artists
  • "Theater", Vladivostok, Primorsky branch of the Union of Artists
  • "Christmas", Vladivostok, gallery "Art-floor",
  • "Artexpo Spring Rome 2018, Rome, Domus Romana Art Gallery, Italy
  • "City and Man", Larnaca, Municipal Art Gallery of Larnaca, Cyprus
  • "The Art of Today: Benefits and Sins", Moscow
  • "The Beginning", St. Petersburg, Gallery "Artmuza"
  • "Step towards", Vladivostok, Vostochny Bank and "Arka" Gallery

Auszeichnungen / Awards

  • "Modern avant-garde: Vanguard Today", Moscow, Moscow House of Artists,
    1st and 2nd awards (Nomination: Conceptualism)
  • "Russian Week of Arts", Moscow, International Art Design Center
    1st and 3rd place (Contemporary Art: Conceptualism)
  • "Russian Art Award", Moscow, International Art Design Center
    Third degree laureate (Nomination: Russian Prize in the field of avant-garde painting)



Meine Kunst in eigenen Worten / My art in my own words

A young, fresh, brightly colored world. And you are standing in front of him. Go on. Go beyond your ideas, your experience. Create your systems, open your horizons.
I dreamed of designing houses and cities, and then it turned out that I started designing the whole world. – without borders, and without limitations, with its laws, and its philosophy. A world that I do not know at all, but the more interesting it is to dive into it and recognize it. Moreover, this is my world and it's up to me to decide what it should be like.