Lena Krashevka | Köln (Germany)

Ausbildung / Education

  • 2008-2014 Belarusian State Academy of Art
    Graphic designer
  • 2004-2008 Minsk State Architectural College

Austellungen / Exhibitions

  • 2017, annual exhibition,Co/Atelier, Cologne
  • 2017, L'ART PRIVÉ 09/17 , Cologne
  • 2017, 2018 – Art-galerie-cafe am Dom
  • 2016, Zarifa-art exhibition, Altes Pfandhaus, Cologne
  • 2015, “100 years after Malevich”, Cologne, Germany
  • 2015, "FIARTE VI EDICION”, Granada, Spain
  • 2014, “Forms-Сontent-703" (“Форма. Содержание-703”): IV Biennale of Painting, drawing and sculpture, Minsk, Belarus
  • 2015, “MayLove”, Loft space “Balki", Minsk, Belarus
  • 2015, “Sea heat”, “Chekhov”, Minsk, Belarus
  • 2014, “Colourful dreams” ,“Seven”, Minsk, Belarus
  • 2013, Art-cafe “Guru”, Minsk, Belarus
  • 2013, Space “Hooligan”, Minsk, Belarus

Auszeichnungen / Awards

  • 2014, Won the contest of Moscow International centre for the arts “MCIAN". Holding a personal exhibition in Moscow, Russia
  • 2013, Participated in a poster competition "All that unites us”. 3rd place. Minsk, Belarus



Meine Kunst in eigenen Worten / My art in my own words

Accelerated rhythm, fast life, the age of consumption, dopamine ambulance in life and on the Internet.

Modern art gives thought to the problems of the life of an individual in society.
Art should evoke emotions, not necessarily positive. It induces reasoning.
Art is a way to get away from ordinary everyday life.

I paint what I feel. Moments in which you want to transfer. The world in which we want to live and love. I am inspired by the feeling of being a woman, feminine beauty, sensuality. In my art, I reflect the feelings and situations in which a woman finds herself: love, emotional states, everyday situations, mysterious states in my mind.