Maria | Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

Ausbildung / Education

I am always traveling and my exibition passed in Ukraine and Paris. Now I am engaged in teaching activities in the cultural capital of Russia. I develop souls and promote oter young artists too.

Austellungen / Exhibitions

  • Kyev and Paris -2009-2012
  • Krimea/Yalta-2015
  • Solar Systo exibition in 2016
  • Elyagin Island-2016
  • Jazz Festival-summer the same year
  • Japan vs TAKEDA in autamn 2017
  • California vs opportunity Eagel Travel

Auszeichnungen / Awards

  • The 'telent of year" in 2007/Khmelnitsky/Ukraine
  • 1 st place in region adward in Sculpture nomination


Meine Kunst in eigenen Worten / My art in my own words

ALL about Human and HUMANITY.

I wanna open the souls with ART.