Vladislava Polishchuk (Turskay) | Nahariyya (Russia)

Ausbildung / Education

  • Crimean Art School. NS Samokisha, artistic and pedagogical department
  • Student of Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Department of "Fine and decorative arts."
  • Admission to the Crimean Federal University A. I. Vernadsky, the faculty of "Design"

Austellungen / Exhibitions

  • 2001- personal exhibition Alushta
  • 2006- personal exhibition. Crimean Republican Youth Library, Simferopol
  • 2007 to participate in a charity auction Simferopol
  • 2011- Diploma of the contest-exhibition of young artists of Ukraine «Crystal Palette" in Kiev
  • All-Ukrainian Exhibition of Young Artists "Green Wave", Kiev
  • Ukrainian exhibition Day of the Artist
  • CHA Kiev Regional exhibition of plain air Odessa
  • All-Ukrainian exhibition of portraits "Historical personalities of the future" Kiev
  • Ukrainian Christmas exhibition CHA Kyiv
  • exhibition and competition of young artists of Ukraine «Crystal palette" in Kiev
  • All-Ukrainian exhibition of animalistic "Noah's Ark" CHA Kyiv
  • Personal exhibition. National Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Personal exhibition. Art Gallery NUAU Odessa
  • Ukrainian exhibition "The generosity of the native land", the Crimean Kmytev
  • Youth Exhibition House of Artists, Simferopol
  • Exhibition dedicated to 75th anniversary of the Odessa NUAU CHA Kyiv
  • Regional youth group exhibition Odessa
  • All-Ukrainian exhibition of still life "The generosity of the native land" of Kmytev
  • II- Triennial of young artists. Simferopol Art Museum of Simferopol Crimean
  • Exhibition "City Day" House of Artists, Simferopol
  • All-Crimean charity auction "Crimean artist -Kids Luhansk" House of Artists Exhibition Crimean Simferopol
  • «Day of the artist" Artist's House Simferopol
  • X- Biennial chamber watercolors. Simferopol Art Museum of Simferopol Crimean
  • Christmas exhibition of the artist's house in Simferopol
  • Ukrainian exhibition "Women of Ukraine – creators" of Kmytev
    • VII of the International exhibition-competition "Christmas ornaments" Kyiv
    • Diploma of III degree of the International competition of art postcards "Seasons 2014" R. Bashkortostan, Beloretsk
  • came in the top five best young contemporary artists of Crimea – 2015 according to the publication "Cultural Chronicle"
  • Exhibition-contest of young artists "Crimea-Perspective" Crimea GBUK RK "Crimean Republican universal scientific library. AND I. Franco "Crimean Simferopol
  • Spring Exhibition. House of Artists, Simferopol
  • All-Ukrainian art contest for young artists "Pink Bulldozer" Odessa
  • Diploma of the International exhibition-competition of young artists "A4-2015" Hauk TO "Museum Complex. AND I. Solovtsova " Tyumen
  • The first prize of the International Competition" Golden Chain. Alexander Green " in the " Picture. Isaiah of Feodosia
  • Russian pictorial plein air " Spring etudes " Bakhchisarai
  • Summary of All-Russian Exhibition picturesque open-air" Spring etudes ". Bakhchisaray historical, cultural and archaeological museum -zapovednik "Khan palace of XVI-XIX centuries." Bakhchisarai
  • Crimean exhibition "City Day". House of Artists, Simferopol
  • X International Art Competition "Art City", St. Petersburg
  • Reporting Exhibition of plein air "Crimea Provence". Aromatic
  • The final exhibition of the plein air "Crimea Provence". History Museum Alushta
  • Charity exhibition "Let's help to preserve for posterity the green pearl of Donbass" Simferopol
  • Urban exhibition of creative works "Crimean Landscape" Exhibition Hall of Artists Union Yalta
  • Crimean Youth exhibition "Palette of the Young". House of Artists, Simferopol
  • Urban exhibition of paintings "The prisoner lavender." History Museum Alushta
  • Personal exhibition. House of Artists, Simferopol
  • Participation in the All-Russian Youth Forum "Tauris" at Bakal
  • Participation in the international project «Art Ladies Project»
  • The Black Sea Crimean exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Crimean Union of Artists, House of Artists, Simferopol
  • Exhibition to the Day of National Unity. The Council of Ministers of Crimea, Simferopol
  • All-Russian exhibition "Crimean Spring" Yalta
  • Veloplener in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory Yevpatoriya
  • Personal exhibition "Crimean motives" KF library KRU MIA of Russia, Simferopol
  • Personal exhibition of painting " Three views "ICPS" Golden key ", Yevpatoriya
  • Crimean exhibition" The man who reads "GBUK RK" Crimean Republican universal scientific library. AND I. Franco "Simferopol Crimea
  • Artists Exhibition in Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • Crimean exhibition" Cimmerian meeting "GBUK RK" Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library A. I. Franco "Simferopol
  • Youth exhibition" In the world of beauty "KF library KRU MIA of Russia, Simferopol
  • Crimean youth exhibition" The area of aesthetic intelligence. " House of Artists, Simferopol
  • Exhibition "Woman: the time and about himself" GBUK RK "Crimean Republican Universal Scientific Library A. I. Franco "
  • Crimean Simferopol spring exhibition. House of Artists, Simferopol
  • All-Russia youth exhibition "Youth of Russia" Central House of Artists, Moscow
  • Exhibition" Tender coast "R. Tatarstan Kazan
    • Exhibition" Spring crossroads "Center of psychology, and social technologies" Artell business " Kazan
  • Exhibition of students and teachers CFI Showroom CXP Yalta
  • Crimean exhibition "Day of Russia" House of artists, Simferopol
  • Exhibition "Day Beacon" in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Tarkhankut Lighthouse Black
  • Exhibition of paintings by young Crimea "Hello Summer" artists TRC Centrum Simferopol

Auszeichnungen / Awards

  • Winner of the IV All-Ukrainian competition-exhibition of young artists of Ukraine «Crystal Palette" Kyiv • Exhibition "Winter Landscape" house-museum of A. Beketov Alushta
  • Diploma of the Interregional exhibition of young artists of southern Russia" Southern Wind " Vladikavkaz
  • Diploma of 3 degrees International Youth exhibition-contest "A4 / 2016 "Hauk TO" Museum complex A. I. Solovtsova "Tyumen
  • Diploma of I degree Russian youth mobile exhibition "Liner 2016" ferry port of Crimea-Caucasus Port



Meine Kunst in eigenen Worten / My art in my own words

I would refer my style to the South Russian school of painting. I prefer broad and bright strokes, dynamics and a small fraction of expressiveness in painting. In my opinion, art, painting, should carry a positive, life-affirming and positive charge. This I try to do in his work.